Photography / Video

Photography and video specific tours with Remarkable Ethiopia

Remarkable Ethiopia Tours has considerable experience in arranging tours for this travel market segment; we have worked with big name professional photographers / video producers and amateur / hobby photographers.

Our staff understand the challenges of staying on budget, especially while filming in a new country with different logistical, infrastructure and transportation conditions, bureaucratic requirements and cultural norms.

Photography and video permit applications

We will submit a permit application on your behalf prior to your arrival. This will help you pass your photography equipment through Ethiopian customs without any problems.


During your Ethiopia photography tour, accommodation will generally be in good quality lodges and hotels.

Remarkable vehicles and driver

Our modern, reliable, well-maintained four-wheel drive vehicles are available for day or long-term rental. Our drivers are friendly and experienced and drive safely in all road conditions.

Road transport:
Transport will be by 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers. There will only be a maximum of 3 participants in each vehicle, giving everyone plenty of space and their own window and their own door for a fast exit when photography demands it! Main roads in Ethiopia are rapidly improving (some are now really good).


Most of the walks during our photography tour are relatively easy and short

What equipment will I need

The most used telephoto lens focal lengths with a full-frame DSLR or mirrorless are usually between 400-600 mm (sometimes even longer is useful). Focal lengths of 100-300 mm will, however, be necessary for some wildlife shots (notably when close to Geladas or hyenas).

Ethiopia has many magnificent panoramic views and a wide-angle in the 16-35mm range is ideal. You will also want to cover the range up to 70 mm or more.

If you have questions about what equipment you ought to bring, please contact us.

What makes Ethiopia special for a photography tour

Ethiopia is a photographer's dream come true. Ethiopia is rich in color, ecologically diverse, and culturally vibrant.

One of the most striking features of Ethiopia is its landscape. From the highlands to the deserts, this country offers a wide range of environments to photograph. The Danakil Depression, one of the lowest and hottest places on earth, offers opportunities to capture surreal landscapes filled with colorful rock formations, hot springs, and salt flats. Meanwhile, the lush Omo Valley is home to myriad ethnic groups, each with their own distinct customs and ways of dress.

Aside from the landscape, Ethiopia is a country filled with history and culture. Lalibela, home to rock-hewn churches that date back to the 12th century, presents a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.
In short, Ethiopia is a photographer's paradise. Its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, unique, and endless species diversity of birds make it a destination that should be on every travel photographer's bucket list.

Our trips are designed by photographers, for photographers. All trips are led by experienced, knowledgeable professional photographer guides who will help you get great photos and answer your questions about everything from photo techniques to the wildlife, places and people you encounter along the way.

Our trips are designed for all skill levels so, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, you’ll feel right at home on any of our photo tours.