City of Churches

Lalibela is the most famous town in Ethiopia, known for its incredible rock cut churches. Lalibela is famous uniquely for its 11 rock cut churches, a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site.

Approximately 700 kilometers north of the Capital Addis Ababa, A must-see! You can't go to Ethiopia without stopping at this pilgrimage hot spot.

This group of eleven monolithic and semi-monolithic structures was carved directly into the stone of the mountainside at least 800 years ago. The churches themselves are incredible-the stunning views of them from the ground above, the atmospheric walks down, the cool carved interiors, the magnificent décor-and the people keeping the heritage alive and vibrant today are mesmerizing. There are also rock churches and monasteries perched high on mountaintops surrounding the town. Its Ethiopia’s most splendid town imaginable and a fitting highlight.