National Parks

Simien Mountains National Park

A Wild Climb, Take the Challenge!

Simien Mountains National park is a three –hour drive from Gondar, Simien mountains national park, one of Africa’s genuine beauty spots. Often compared to the Grand Canyon, this park of craggy peaks, towering ridges and panoramic views over the surrounding countryside is almost another world.Rugged and dramatic, with Ethiopia’s highest peak Ras Dejen and swaths of brightly colored wildflowers and giant baobabs, it also has continual surprises by dozens of Gelada baboons, the area’s distinctive shaggy breed with red over their heart.Simien mountain national park is also a major bird-watching destination with many species, of which an astonishing 37 are endemic, or near-endemic.


Distinguished by a bright red patch of skin on its chest, Geladas are commonly referred to as baboons, but are actually their own genus. They are found only in the highlands of Ethiopia.

The Bale Mountains

Bale Mountain is a natural beauty having ecological importance located in Southern parts of Ethiopia; the park has more than 60 mammal’s animals and 230 bird species. In Bale Mountains hackers move across vast afro – monotone landscape that very sot underfoot. On trails through the mountains across wide juniper forests, heather moorlands and alpine meadows, which at different times of the year exhibit an abundance of flora and color .Hikers will be visiting Oromo huts in Bale Mountains and share experience of the people living in that place as much as the visitor wishes. On the part of REMARKABLE sample itinerary will be provided.

Ethiopian Red Wolf

One of the world's rarest carnivores, the Ethiopian Red Wolf is only found in Ethiopia. Unlike most canids, they feed almost entirely on small rodents.